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    LEFT: The picture was painted after a diagnosis of inoperable cancer was revealed to the painter. RIGHT: This was when the same painter readmitted for pathological fracture after a course of palliative TKI.

    Case Reports

    1. Posterior Auricular Myiasis: Rare Presentation of a Malignant Lesion
      Mohamed Iliyas Sultan Abdul Kader, Hafiz Mohamad Mahbob, Abd Razak Ahmad, Irfan Mohamad; p32-36

    2. Spontaneous Expulsion of a Bronchial Foreign Body
      Addina Mohd Baki, Anis Che Mohd Amin, Ahmad Hafiz Ali, Irfan Mohamad; p37-40

    3. Laser Frenectomy: A Technical Note
      Ikhwan Hakimi Mohamad, Siti Lailatul Akmar Zainuddin, Irfan Mohamad; p41-45

    4. Unilateral Vocal Cord Immobility in a Massive Pericardial Effusion Secondary to Lung Carcinoma
      Nur Saadah Mohamad, Norsyamira Aida Mohd Umbaik, Nik Fariza Husna Nik Hassan, Wan Yus Haniff Wan Isa, Irfan Mohamad; p46-49

    5. A Rare Foreign Body in a Patient with Poor Dentition: A Satay Skewer
      NV Sha Kri Eh Dam, Baharudin Abdullah, Irfan Mohamad; p50-55

    Image Quiz

    1. High Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death Managed by Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device
      Huzairi Sani, Ahmad Bakhtiar Md Radzi, Muhammad Hanis Muhmad Hamidi, Khairul Shafiq Ibrahim; p56-59

    • P1

      Fungating mass at left posterior auricular region

    • P2

      Chest radiograph PA (a) and lateral view (b) showed a radiopaque shadow (consistent with thumb pin) in right main bronchus without lung changes

    • P3

      Esophagoscopy shows whitish food bolus seen in the oesophagus at 17cm from upper incisor, consist of chicken meat (big arrow) together with broken long satay skewer (small arrow) stuck in horizontal position with its sharp end pointed to oesophageal wall at 3 O’clock. A – anterior; P – posterior; L – left; R – right oesophageal walls

    • P4

      Laser frenectomy performed. Bleeding encountered, noted hematoma area after labial vein cauterization (circled)

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