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    LEFT: The picture was painted after a diagnosis of inoperable cancer was revealed to the painter. RIGHT: This was when the same painter readmitted for pathological fracture after a course of palliative TKI.


      MARCH 2023
       VOLUME 8 ISSUE 1


    Case Reports

    1. Metastatic Lung Adenocarcinoma to the Oral Cavity
      Mohd Naqiuddin Mohd Najib, Muhammad Nasri Abu Bakar, Hasme Zam Hashim, Irfan Mohamad; p71-75

    2. Osgood-Schlatter Disease in Adult: Would Early Diagnosis and Treatment Improve the Prognosis?
      Nurul Hidayatullaila Sahar, Anis Safura Ramli, Siti Fatimah Badlishah-Sham, Mohd Fairudz Mohd Miswan; p76-81

    3. Diagnostic Dilemma of Chest Wall Tuberculosis Masquerading Breast Lump and Sarcoma
      Nik Aminah Nik Abdul Kadir, Farnaza Ariffin, Norliana Dalila Mohamad Ali, Mardiana Abdul Aziz; p82-86

    4. Transluminal Migration of Oesophageal Foreign Bodies: A Series of Three Patients
      Lim Iu Tong, Ong Fei Ming, Viji Ramasamy, Avatar Singh Mohan Singh, Irfan Mohamad; p87-92

    5. A Boy with Limping Pain: A Diagnosis Not To Be Missed
      Radhiana Hassa, Nurjasmine Aida Jamani, Ardilla Hanim Abd Razak; p93-97

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