Official Journal of Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Teknologi MARA


      JUNE 2021
       VOLUME 6 ISSUE 1 (Special Issue)


    1. Special Issue Editorial
      Heo Chong Chin, Jeffery K. Tomberlin; p1-3

    Original Articles

    1. A Preliminary Investigation of Insect Succession Patterns on Decomposing Carrion on Rottnest Island (WA)
      Abrar Essarras, Ian R. Dadour, R. Christopher O’Brien, Paola A. Magni, et al; p4-16

    2. Identification of Race: A Three-Dimensional Geometric Morphometric and Conventional Analysis of Human Fourth Cervical Vertebrae in Adult Malaysian Population
      Ja Young Shin, Aspalilah Alias, Eric Chung, et al; p17-31

    3. Performance of the Nanobio-Based Reagent for Visualising Wet Fingerprints Exposed to Different Levels of Water Salinity
      Chao Wen Ting, Naji Arafat Mahat, Aida Rasyidah Azman, et al; p32-43

    4. Nutrition and Water Deprivation Negatively Impacts Adult Longevity of Lucilia eximia (Diptera: Calliphoridae)
      Steven M. Graham, Samantha J. Sawyer, Olivia Crozier, et al; p44-51

    5. Effect of Intraspecific Larval Aggregation and Diet Type on Life-History Traits of Dermestes maculatus and Dermestes caninus (Coleoptera: Dermestidae): Species of Forensic Importance
      Rodrigo C. Corrêa, Rodrigo R.F. Carmo, Ann R. George, Jeffery K. Tomberlin; p83-89

    6. Effects of Preservative Concentrations on Larval Cephalopharyngeal Skeleton of Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius, 1794) (Diptera: Calliphoridae), an Alternative Indicator to Larval Body Length for mPMI Estimation
      Raja M. Zuha; p90-101

    7. Recognizing the Inherent Variability in Dipteran Colonization and Decomposition Rates of Human Donors in Sydney, Australia
      Angela D. Skopyk, Shari L. Forbes, Hélène N. LeBlanc; p102-119

    8. A Retrospective Study on Data from Animal-Related Complaints, Abuse, Cruelty, Trafficking and Trade Received by Animal Welfare Organizations in Singapore in 2016
      Elizabeth X. Chang, Paola A. Magni; p120-136

    9. Larvae of Forensically Important Flies associated with Rabbit Carcasses Placed in a Closed Room in Kuching, Sarawak
      Robin Maramat, Norliza Ibrahim, Marlini Othman, Nor Aliza Abdul Rahim; p137-147

    Note - Photos depicting maggot mass and decomposing pig carcasses placed in the field in Texas, USA during a forensic entomology research (Heo CC)

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