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    LEFT: The picture was painted after a diagnosis of inoperable cancer was revealed to the painter. RIGHT: This was when the same painter readmitted for pathological fracture after a course of palliative TKI.


      DECEMBER 2019
       VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2


    1. Prevalence of Occupational Diseases Among Small and Medium Industry Workers in Malaysia : A Systematic Review
      Muhammad Zubir Yusof, Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod, Nor Azlina A. Rahman, et al; p4-30 ;

    2. Leptin: A Pleitropic Factor in Physiology
      Fayez A Almabhouh, Faizatul Isyraqiah Ahmad Muhammad, Hisham Ibrahim, Harbindarjeet Singh; p31-57 ;

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    1. JCHS-IQ-02-2019
      Bushra Johari, Mohammad Hanafiah, Roqiah Fatmawati Kadir;


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