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    LEFT: The picture was painted after a diagnosis of inoperable cancer was revealed to the painter. RIGHT: This was when the same painter readmitted for pathological fracture after a course of palliative TKI.


      MARCH 2021
       VOLUME 6 ISSUE 1

    Case Report

    1. Small Bowel Obstruction Secondary to Obturator Hernia: A Pre-Operative Diagnosis at Computed Tomography
      Marlina Tanty Ramli Hamid, Mohd Shukry Mohd Khalid, Kartini Rahmat; p46-49

    2. Transient Unilateral Parotid Gland Swelling Following Upper Endoscopy
      Chieng Jin Yu, Then Ru Fah, Sharifah Intan Safura Shahabudin, et al; p50-52

    3. Endaural Approach of External Auditory Canal Osteoma: Report of Two Cases
      Che Mohd Hilmi Che Mat, Zulkiflee Salahuddin, Nik Azrizie Muhamed, et al; p53-57

    4. Pregnancy with COVID-19 in Malaysia: A Case Series
      Siti Hayati Mohd Nahwari, Bahiyah Abdullah, Suzanna Daud, et al; p58-63

    5. A Rare Presentation of Solitary Ocular Sarcoidosis
      Kafil Akhtar, Suhailur Rehman, Sadaf Haiyat, Abdul Waris; p64-68

    Clinical Quiz

    1. JCHS-CQ-01-2021
      Mohd Hafiz Bin Hamzah, Nor Shahida Abd Mutalib, Irfan Mohamad; p69-71

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